Spring Golden Hour Mountain Session

Back in February we held a contest for a session and our winner was Melanie! After chatting back and forth we decided to hold out on the session and wait for some sunshine! Now we all know how much snow we ended up getting this winter, so that put the session on hold for a couple of months but by was it worth the wait!!

They met 5 years ago in January when Tyler came in for a 2nd interview for a position where Melanie worked. Not to sound cliche, but it was crush at first sight for Melanie, Tyler was a little more reserved! They got to know each other over the next few months at work, and with a lot of shameless flirting on Melanie's part, Tyler FINALLY asked Melanie out on a date in. They decided to keep it quiet just in case things didn't work out and since they wanted to remain 100% professional and not awkward at work. Little did they know, 5 Years later they would still be together, best friends, partners in crime, living happily together with their fur babies!

Thank you for frolicking in the mountains with us you two <3