Lone Tree Hill Early Summer Golden Hour Engagement

About a month ago Bayley and I headed to Victoria to meet up with Austin and Ashley for their engagement session! We had emailed and texted back and forth for almost a year so we were very excited to finally meet them in person. The location Austin and Ashley had picked was unfamiliar to us, and even though we did some research before hand, Bayley and I decided to go early and explore the area before the shoot. We arrived to find a park full of trails, and after some more research, realized that all of the trails required over an hour of hiking to find a view. Now don’t get us wrong!! Bayley and I are ALWAYS up for an adventure, and we WANT to climb mountains with you, but unfortunately we did not have the time to hike an hour to a view and catch the golden hour for this shoot, so we did some more googling and found Lone Tree Hill Park. We called up Austin and Ashley and asked them which location they preferred and they were totally up for the adventure of Lone Tree Hill, as they had also not realized the amount of hiking required to get a view at the original location. We could not have asked for a more beautiful location, with a 360-degree view of the Victoria area and the place all to ourselves! Now enough about the location chaos and more about Austin and Ashley! They are high school sweet hearts and have the sweetest connection. Their love was so easy and effortless and they trusted us completely. We could not have asked for a more perfect evening. Thank you Austin and Ashley for trusting our craziness, and we cannot wait to shoot your wedding TODAY!!