Beautiful Family Fairwinds Golf Wedding

Ryan and Katrina are high school sweethearts. Ryan and Katrina got married at St. Andrews Presbyterian in July, the same church our Holly got married in over 10 years ago. Ryan was a groomsman for Holly's wedding, Holly's husband was one of Ryan's groomsman. Ryan is Holly's cousin, and Holly (and Bayley of course) photographed Ryan and Katrina's big day. Can a day get any better?! Thank you Ryan and Katrina, for trusting us whole heartedly with your day!


Pipers Lagoon Engagement

Meet Ryan and Katrina! We met them out at Pipers Lagoon which was where Ryan asked Katrina to marry him (this involved a ring hidden in a Lord of the Rings book, cue all us book nerds swooning!) We also photographed their wedding this past summer and we cannot wait to share it with you...until then, enjoy their engagement photos!

Sunny Summer Equestrian Horse Portraits

Over the past two summer's the With Love ladies have made it a tradition to show at Thunderbird Show Park! It's something we count down the days to every summer, and not just for the horse show! We also get to visit Empire Equestrian and spend an evening photographing girls and their horses - something very close to our hearts! Here are some photos from this past summer, and we are looking forward to our visit this summer!