This is us! Holly on the left and Bayley on the right! You will always find us with coffee in hand, talking way too loud, and way too fast (just ask our husbands!) and if you can’t find us behind the camera, you can find us at the barn with our horses, Benson and Parker! Holly keeps “the back of the house” running. She does the culling, the editing, the website — the tech-y stuff for With Love. She also has a huge love for Harry Potter, a good audiobook and board games (especially Pandemic). Bayley is the one you are talking to when you email or message us. She runs all of our social media and keeps our shoots (and Holly) organized! Bayley has a huge heart, loves to volunteer (especially with her therapy dog Macy, who she trained herself), travel and spend time with her hubby. We both are extremely passionate humans who get easily distracted by beautiful light, and you can almost guarantee we will tell you “just one more shot” about 10 times at the end of a photo shoot.


Based off the West Coast of Vancouver Island, we are so lucky to be surrounded by so many beautiful beaches, mountains and forests, and that is where we want to frolic with you! The number one thing we hear at photo shoots is “good luck, we are so awkward in front of the camera.” and to this we say “we are hear to capture MOMENTS”. We do not pose you like statues and ask you to smile at the camera, no, we want to GET TO KNOW YOU, we want to be your friends! We want to capture who you really are, wether that means laughing until we cannot breathe (because you KNOW we will be laughing with you), crying as you express your love for each other, or laughing UNTIL we cry, we are there to capture those moments! Moments that you can look back on and feel those EMOTIONS, because that is what is most important to us (and if you feel the same way you have come to the right place!)

Photo shoots with us aren’t just photo shoots, they are an EXPERIENCE, and that experience is so important to us! We want to make you comfortable, we want to capture the moments, and the moments IN BETWEEN those moments!! We are honoured when you choose US to capture your love and from the moment you book us we are genuinely EXCITED to welcome you into our family. If you want to frolic through the forest, climb mountains and maybe get your feet a little wet, we are the photographers for you! If you are a bride who isn’t afraid to get her dress a little dirty and wants to sneak out of the reception for sunset photos, MESSAGE US NOW because we are speaking the same language!!