Hold your horses! (or we can!) we are HUUUGE suckers for equine sessions! Why?! We each own our own horse and are activity involved in the Vancouver island Hunter/Jumper circuit. 

We understand getting your horse to not stand like a drunk monkey or giraffe may be a tall order but don’t worry, we got this! The benefit of having the both of us shines the brightest in a equine shoot! Generally speaking one of us will be shooting while the one ensures your horse is standing correctly and ears are forward! Yup! It seems impossible for some with the attention span of a squirrel( our Horses ;) ) but hey! Have you seen the photos we take with them ?! You would never ever know that ;) we work together to capture the connection between you and your 1000lbs+ best friend. We capture a large variety of you and your horse in different settings as well giving you lots to work with! We are kind, patient, understanding and wizardly with our ears forward tactics! 

We offer our largest package for equine sessions. This allows us enough time to not be rushed and to give the horse as much time/ breaks as they may need. It also gives you a huge gallery of photos to keep forever in a wide variety! 

Oh and we almost forgot to mention! We may need a extra 5-10 mins to snuggle your horse!



Medium Session (20-25 Photos) $300

Full Session (50+ Photos) $360

Black Background $250*

*Add onto any Session for an extra $100

Contact us for barn rates!

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