Oh heeeey! Thanks for getting to this spot on our page. It makes our hearts so happy that you are considering us! We want to be open and honest with you about who we are as photographers. If you love chasing the sun, dancing under the tree's, frolicking through fields, laughing by the sea, snuggling on a mountain side then this is a great sign we are meant for each other! We absolutely LOVE the experience we get with you. Whether that’s laughing till our stomachs hurt, crying together because your loved one just gave the speech of a lifetime on your love for each other, dancing in the stormy west coast rain showers together, smiling endlessly, we are invested in you with our hearts, minds and talents as much as your are investing is us finically. If the idea of adventure scares you completely, then we might not be the right photographers for you- and this is okay!

We LOVE to capture you and your love story. We are not the type to pose you statue still, and click, thats just not us. We want the real you in the photographs we capture. YES, we want the giggles, the tickling, the forehead to forehead moments, the sweet nose crinkles and holding each other close. When we capture this moment in time for you we want it to hold a special memory and feeling for you. A shoot with us is a experience. One you won’t forget! We are a hilarious dynamic duo, that will do just about anything to ensure we are getting the best shot possible for you….yes that means we scale cliffs, climbs trees, stand in oceans, and frolic just about anywhere for you. We laugh, we adventure, we try new things, we try old things, we smile, we bond and get to know each other.

We are both very passionate humans. When you choose to book us your wedding day ( eek!), we get very excited! We instantly begin texting each other about the ideas we have for you ( this is a true story) We care! Your shoot is not just us showing up and taking some photos and then when its all over saying “ next!”. You have now booked a spot in our big hearts. We are now invested in creating a day that you will never forget! We begin the journey of all of us in this love story together! If this is just all too personal and mushy for you- we understand we may not be the right fit for you! You see loved ones we really want you to get a clear picture of who we are as photographers when you choose us. When you book us, you become our friends, our family and our clients that will always hold a special spot in our hearts forever.

At the end of the day, the wedding day itself will seem like it only lasted 3 seconds! The photographs we will have taken- will last forever! We can’t stress enough how important it is to invest in good photography for the biggest and best day of your life. When you choose us, you get that and so much more! Don’t look back on your wedding day with regret and wish you had better photos, look back on your wedding day With Love


All packages include a complimentary engagement session so we can all get to know each other!

$2800 (4 hours coverage)

$3800 (6 hours coverage)

$4800 (8 hour coverage)

For destinations weddings please contact us for a quote

Think we are a match?! Let’s get the adventure started!